Our Story

ROYALTY an all natural soap, developed with the most beneficial ingredients to treat troublesome conditions and restore your skin to the perfection was always meant to be. Its creator, Ducarmelle Blaise, who is also known as Carmelle, is a Port-Au-Prince, Haiti native, who while growing up, remembers her mother bringing home essential oils, herbs, and natural soaps to help her treat her acne, fever and other ailments. This use and love for natural products continued as she relocated to the United States when she was fifteen years old. After becoming the mother of two amazing boys Kevin and Williams, and a dedicated nurse, Carmelle’s passion for natural remedies, life and mother nature grew more than ever before. Her reluctance to start her own natural skincare products company, however, completely disappeared after her youngest son Williams, who is also autistic was diagnosed with eczema...


Wanting to treat his condition and knowing first hand how dangerous chemical soaps can be, she started *ROYALTY* in August of 2018. Now under her brand, *ROYALTY* natural soap bars are created, using plant based oils. They have no chemicals and are packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that heal your skin. *ROYALTY* also comes in several natural scents such as “Classy” Royalty and “Adore You” Royalty Body Bars, that leave you smelling amazing. Coupled with a few other essential ingredients, including natural exfoliants like rolled and colloidal oats; *ROYALTY* natural soaps have everything you need to embrace mother nature, revitalize and get the beautiful glowing skin you always deserved. 

As a mother, her priority was to make sure that her children felt good in their skin, and seeing her son with eczema broke her heart. After helping her son recover with the use of her house-made natural soaps, she then realized tat Royalty Soap was more than a company; It was a mission. As this brand is built on the sweetness of her love for her child, she wants to spread that love to other parents who might be going through the same situations.  This is one of the reasons, Royalty Soaps make a donation to Autism Society of America for every products purchase made on our website. 

This is a brand that stands for love, fresh, clean and happy life. You do not just purchase with us, you join a movement.


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