Donation Campaign

At Adore You Skin, our mission is to be more than a Soap company. 

As this company was funded on the love of a mother for her Autistic children, we wanted to make sure we can help other parents who share similar situations to love and take care of their children. 

This is why, we have made the pledge to give a donation of $1 to Autism Speaks, for any product purchased on our website. 

Autism Speaks is a worldwide known organization that is been working tirelessly to organize Scientific Research and Grant-making in order to achieve those goals:

  • Seek the causes and types of autism
  • Lower the average age of diagnosis to under 2 years
  • Expand services across the lifespan
  • Enhance medical treatment of autism’s associated health conditions.

Autism Speaks is an organization that was personally close to the heart of our Founder, as she herself has been donating to the company since the birth of her son. 

When you shop with us, you are not only helping yourself stay healthy with clean and natural skin, but you are also joining a movement, a mission to help others affected by Autism!

Welcome to our mission!